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CyberCafe | WebVideo 

TheDude.co.za Video Ninja

CyberCafe | The dude’s Event Highlights Videos 

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CyberCafe.co.za is proud to be associated with TheDude.co.za Visual productions. Our goal is to secure your future in internet technology by ensuring smooth interactive websites and informative video edits and intergration. We aim to expose your brand in full dynamic resolution for all the world to see.

TheDude.co.za has been in the videography game for 20 years and really know there stuff. Using the most up to date camera’s and rigging technology – shooting in the highest quality to ensure crystal clear and smooth images.

The dude specialises in event capture, shooting and editing amazing highlights videos of your events and activations ensuring  timeless and dynamic  proof of your hard work. If your looking to have your event, party, activation, wedding etc remembered – look no further than TheDude.co.za.

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Wedding Video Services


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